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This Mark O’Meara Media wordpress blog is best viewed in Desktop mode, the option to switch to this is at the bottom of the page if viewing on a mobile or tablet. This website has been set up to make use of my photographs and documents and house them online to share with the general public. It was also conceived due to spotting a gap in the market regarding broadcast graphics and personnel that I had already been documenting offline personally for almost two decades. The website is independent of all clubs and broadcasters mentioned and is solely the work of the author. It’s aims are three-fold – football, TV and me;

  1. To provide a complete and detailed history of Brighton and Hove Albion FC through televised matches and documents collated by myself through years supporting
  2. To give a more general overview of the history of televised football in the United Kingdom 
  3. To celebrate the England matches I have attended and the photographs taken there.

Credit must also go to various websites and tools used during the research, construction and maintenance of this website, all of whom have proved invaluable in topping up my existing knowledge and collections. These include;

A wealth of information about football and its coerage is available on some wonderful podcasts, talking both past and present. The following shows have been helpful in gaining a truer picture of the televised beautiful game and influenced the content of this website;

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BLOG Introducing Me; A Football Addict

It’s all about being there to witness events with your own eyes. Nothing beats the sight of a wonderful volley flying in past the keeper just yards in front of you. The soundtrack is provided by a chorus of predominantly young-to-middle-aged blokes shouting and cheering, sometimes jeering, in unison. The wit and wisdom of the terrace is a thing of wonder. Of course there’s always a few knobheads whenever you go, people I imagine say that about me, but that’s so often countered by great humour and collective willing. Then there’s the smell. Grounds have a particular fragrance. It’s recognisable and it’s comforting but it’s hard to say exactly what it is. Several thousand paper plates of chips and burgers, mixed with even more cups of beer, added to the musk that the human body only naturally exudes in small, confined spaces, and you can begin to imagine; all ingredients to that familiarity. The ‘matchday experience’, as our beloved Chief Execs will want you to call it, can be joyous, it can be frustrating but boy is it addictive. There’s just so much about the apparent ‘beautiful game’ that I love,  it keeps me coming back week after week, season after season. My name is Mark O’Meara, and I’m a football addict.


At the home of the Albion; The Amex

And if you can’t be at the game, the next best thing is on the telly. I don’t remember exactly when it was that I caught the bug, I can’t even tell you for sure what my first fixture was (annoyingly). I think it may have been an England youth match at the old Goldstone ground but I have no recollection at all. I was taken by my Dad to a handful of games when I was young and didn’t really understand nor love it at the time. I’m very grateful in hindsight. Prior to the ’98 World Cup I would prefer to watch whatever was on ‘the other side’ than the Saturday afternoon results on Grandstand. Oh, the shame. That all changed. The more I watched the game, the more I understood and therefore the more I loved it. I owe my early love for the game largely to Sky Sports and the way they covered it. Watching Soccer AM became my Saturday morning ritual. Then Jeff Stelling, George Best, Rodney Marsh and co took over until the early evening. Finally Des Lynam, and later Gary Lineker, rounded off the day with the highlights. For 40 Saturdays of the year I’d spend my time being told about all the emotions, good and bad, the sport brought. People of all ages loved it. My Dad loved it, my Mum would watch a lot of the time. Football was becoming an increasingly major part of my life and I wanted to experience more for myself.

Fast forward to now; I’m living and working in London and a season ticket holder at Brighton and Hove Albion. It’s not how I had planned my life to be, nor had I expected it like this. I have few responsibilities other than looking after myself and a decent knowledge of public transport routes around Great Britain. Consequently I aim to attend upwards of 40 football matches a season, all over the country. And I absolutely love it. The further I have to travel the more enjoyable I often find it.

Enjoy the game

Unconsciously down the years I had been ticking off several of the 92 League clubs (from the Premier League down to League 2). That goal became my new obsession. I’ve visited well over 150 football stadiums around Europe after a now very conscious effort to fill every free moment with some form of live match in recent seasons. I don’t really speak extensively about my trips, mainly because I didn’t think anyone really cared, but it’s turned out to be a decent talking point, particularly when meeting new football fans. Twitter and Instagram have shown me quite a few people are discovering new grounds and share the same passion and interest that I do. I wanted to get in on this, give my thoughts and share my passion in the hope others follow suit. Websites such as Football Ground Guide and Football Ground Map are invaluable tools for pre and post trip planning and documenting. This blog will allow the words to meet the pictures.


DISCLAIMER; This website is not affiliated with Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, The FA or any other company or group. It is solely the views of Mark O’Meara with my words and opinions and is Copyright ©. No part of this blog shall be quoted or republished without permission. All Rights Reserved. Every effort has been made to ensure all information is accurate. All images that were not originally taken by myself are permitted under fair trade for the sole purpose of criticism and review, the use of screenshots and footage available to the public is fair. It is hereby acknowledged that any broadcast images belong to the broadcaster stated and is credited as their original material.

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